sábado, 19 de enero de 2008


Fugu is a kind of fish. The various kind of Fugu are best known for their poison, and perhaps that´s the main reason for eating fugu at a restaurant (I really don´t understand that point). I haven´t tried it yet so I can not say anything about the taste. Tora fugu is considered the best, and can weight up to 2.5 kg. It is said that the liver is the tastiest and also most poisonous part, so it is illegal to serve it since 1984. Fugu retaurants need a special licence to cook it and the preparation is strictly controlled, but domestic preparation , whether of fugu caugth on a fishing expedition or bought in a fish shop, leads to deaths from time to time. Just chech this link.

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Kalirati dijo...

My friends and I were just talking about this fish but I couldn't remember the name. Fugu. Yes, I wonder too at the interest. It is like the people who eat maggot cheese. I think we want what we cannot have.

スサナ dijo...

... I can not even think about eating maggot cheese