miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2007


Today I was spending my day in Madrid after coming back from Frankfurt, I like this city very much. Even Barcelona is really a beautiful place I like Madrid atmosphere (excepting it´s not...how to say...so safe???. But well, it´s a big city!.) I like walking on the streets, the people, the bars, the nice buildings, the interesting museums.It´s worth a visit from my point of view. In case you shall be interested,there are some photos of Madrid in this link.

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La Chinita dijo...

What a pity that I have never been to Madrid.... I think it is because Mr Luigi has been there before and he didn't want to go with me.
A very selfish person (in the traveling point of view!)

スサナ dijo...

Hope we can enjoy Madrid together one of these days^_^
Have fun