martes, 18 de diciembre de 2007


It´s traditional in Spain for families to have a big dinner together on Christmas Eve. It looks like a nightmare for me. It´s like everyone playing the happy family when we´re not. Of course, I´m just speaking about my situation. Why to play to be "normal" when daily life at my parents home is not-normal ? "Conversation" is arguing or discredit each other.Still wondering about this life-style.Not to talk about many other things.Maybe I shouldn´t write about this in public but I needed to express how I´m feeling. I guess it´s not a happy post.But I will survive!. I wonder what it´s wrong, maybe I should try not to think about all this, but can not avoid it.

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colui72 dijo...

La Chinita dijo...

Don't get least you have such a beautiful table setting!
I have the same situation with my company Xmas party. There are many people I hate but you know what? I smiled to them and I even wish them a happy Xmas. I can't think fake I am!

スサナ dijo...

ja ja Chinita is not even my table set!^_^hope you´re having a really beautiful Christmas in Hong Kong.