miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2008


ka piii chu chu pii Pipi pi´Pi Pi Pikachu´pi chu (Pii´Pi chu kaaa-pikaa-pii?). ka piikaa chu piikaa pi Pii Kaaa-piikaa!, ka Chuu piika pii kaa chu-pika-pika kaa Chu pika Pika pika-pika´Pi pi-kaaa-chu. chu´pi Chu Pikachu?. Kachu chuu pi pi pii? TRANSLATION: As many of you may know I´m a Pikachu´s fan (isn´t it embarrassing?). My friend me showed me the Pikachizer!, on this place you can translate any web page into Pikachu´s language. Isn´t it amazing?. Wanna give it a try?Just click here.

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