jueves, 26 de junio de 2008


Buddha statues Warrior at the entrance Wheels Daisho-in Temple is one of the most prestigious Shingon temples in the western part of Japan. Miyajima island is just about a thirty minute ride from Hiroshima by train and then you will have to take a ferry to get into the island. .In the 12th century, Emperor Toba founded his prayer hall in the temple. The temple had close links with imperial family until the 19th century.It´s a Buddhist one. As you may know, Buddish comes from India and many parts of the temple have an Indian flavour to me; also some of the statues that I saw there made me think about China. The wheels they have there also looked very chinese to me, it is believed that touching these wheels will bring you enormous fortune, so of course I made them roll. Hope it works.The pair of guardian king statues at the entrance are quite impressive.Lining the steps to the temple are 500 statues and these images all have unique facial expressions.And there is a lot of more to see.It´s a very beautiful place so it worths a visit. Photos at this LINK.

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larubiafriqui dijo...

Los budas del Daisho-in son de lo mejorcito, un par de amigas mías se pasaron el día haciendo el chorra allí, imitándolos :)

Marcos dijo...

De lo que mas me gustó de Miyajima sin duda alguna. Ese día me llovió un montón, y aunque fue una lata le dió al templo un aire melancólico que me embriagó. Aún así quiero volver a verlo con buen tiempo.